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I can't believe how long it took for someone to develop this!! Brilliant!
- PJW, Bowmanville, ON

One new bed, plus one new replacement bed, equaled two years of miserable nights trying to sleep on mattresses that become worthless piles of garbage in less than a year. The day my ZzzBoard arrived is the day my bed problems went away. Not only did the ZzzBoard eliminate my mattress sag, but it also brought back the firmness to the bed. Don't bother taking that long hard road that you'll need to take in order to hopefully get a replacement mattress for the sagging one that you've been living with. If you manage to get a replacement, you will only put yourself back into the same nightmare a second time. Tell your bed stores, and bed manufacturers to go chase themselves. Just get a ZzzBoard and be done with it.
- Russ B, Los Angeles, CA

...Any way to get it here a little sooner??? I purchased a ZzzBoard & slept on it last night
& it's already helped my back and now my wife needs one!!!
- Gregory P, Malvern, PA

*WONDERFUL CONCEPT & GREAT APPLICATION...it's design minimizes or eliminates the physical effort and discomfort associated with the problem of a mattress that has sagged due to the "nesting effect" that takes place when all mattresses become uncomfortable & problematic to sleep on. Great Product!
-Dr John Toth (Chiropractor) Winnipeg, MB

I have just purchased my second Zzz board because we loved the first one so much. We had purchased a very expensive king size bed for our Master a few years ago. The side that my husband sleeps on developed a major sag. Rather than buying a new mattress, I saw this website and thought that I would give it a try. I was amazed that something so simple could solve such an annoying problem. I was so happy with the results that I just ordered another for my son's bed. I would recommend this product to anyone!
- Gail C, Medford NJ

Ahhhh.... finally a good nights sleep again! Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you. Don't miss the back ache from that saggy mattress.. Amazing"
- Penny W., Toronto, ON

I purchased a Serta Mattress less than a year ago and it started to sag. It was so uncomfotable that I couldn't get a good nights rest. I felt I had no recourse but to purchase another new mattess which cost $1200+. Then I heard about ZzzBoard! From the moment I tried it, I was sold! What a relief, no more restless nights and NO NEED TO PURCHASE ANOTHER MATTRESS! It's the perfect solution and i wont hesitate to tell anyone with a saggy mattress to get a ZzzBoard, you WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!
- Nevi B, Cranston, RI USA