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ZzzBoard is the solution to your sagging mattress

ZzzBoard is a patented, non-toxic, high density form that rises in the middle to reduce your mattress sag from underneath. It's positioned directly below the sag, between your box spring and top mattress. ZzzBoard eliminates mattress sag by pushing it up from the underside while giving you comfortable neck and back support for a more restful night sleep.

Up until now, the only alternative to your saggy mattress was to buy a new one. The solution is ZzzBoard; an ingenious design specifically engineered to eliminate mattress sags. ZzzBoard will last for more than 20 years, doubling the lifespan of your mattress and keeping it out of the landfill. Ecofriendly, lightweight, a simple solution that works.


Simply position the ZzzBoard between your boxspring and top mattress, directly below the visible mattress sag, adjust accordingly. The ZzzBoard's standard size allows you to position it below an individual sag on either side of the mattress, or in the centre of a centre sag or on both sides with two ZzzBoards. Top arrow to the head of the bed. Proper positioning will eliminate mattress sag, while correcting back and neck alignment, promoting a restful nights sleep.

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